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Where To Learn More About SEO

Like a car, your business requires fuel to thrive in the intermingling webs of the internet. In this case, one of the best fuels you can give your business is that of search engine optimization, or SEO, for short. SEO is a process in which your website content is improved so it can have a spot on the first page of a search engine such as Google. SEO can also help your website gain visibility and generate more organic traffic.

Applying SEO to your web pages will include adding keywords that are relevant to your niche, rewriting your content so it’s appealing to your clients, and choosing the right reference links that can increase your content score. These are only a few of the many things that can be done when optimizing your business’s websites.

Here are some places you can learn more about SEO.

The Harris Poll


When it comes to learning how to optimize your brand awareness and customer service, The Harris Poll is a great place to begin. It provides people with insight on brand strategy and platforms with information on new tools and comprehensive feedback to empower data-driven decisions. They also help answer common business questions, as well as provide the latest news on cultural trends and public opinion.

Will Johnson of The Harris Poll is the mastermind behind the nation’s leading market research and strategy firms. Mr. Johnson brings knowledge from the BAV Consulting and BrandAsset Valuator to provide the world with tips and tricks on how to plan strategically, prioritize initiatives, build equity, and identify risks within a business. With his knowledge and The Harris Poll, you too can learn more about what’s needed for good SEO implementation.


Another way in which you can learn about SEO is by hiring enterprise SEO firms like Peaks. Peaks bring innovative strategies that are fully tailored to your business industry. They work to drive targeted leads to your business to produce strategies that will give results. Peaks will also help you gain more visibility so more people can invest in your business to reach new heights. Some of their services include AdWords (PPC), SEO-optimized content, and even web development so they can revamp your website from top to bottom and everything in between.



Moreover, you can learn about SEO from online courses that are provided through sites like Coursera, for example. Coursera can help you gain knowledge and insight on the best SEO practices you can apply to your business website. Coursera offers classes recorded by real professionals in any given field as well as live courses, so you can join others as you learn about SEO.


College is another great place to learn about SEO. You can attend a marketing, business, computer science, or any IT-related school to earn a relevant degree that will help you understand how SEO works. Be sure to participate in projects that involve using SEO. You could even develop your own website so you can have first-hand experience of the optimization process required to gain visibility on a search engine’s results page.


Lastly, you can opt for the simpler and more affordable way of learning about optimization by watching YouTube videos. You can find a lot of hidden gems on YouTube regarding the topic as well as actual professionals who can explain word by word what you need to know about SEO. Look for YouTubers who have many views and positive reviews, and even dive into the comments to see what people are saying about the free courses. The idea here is for you to gain theoretical knowledge and put it into practice on your own.

These resources will help you gain more knowledge on the topic and help you advance in your pathway to success.

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