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A Brief Guide to Careers in Tech

There’s no denying how widespread technology’s influence is in our world today, from healthcare to business. As a result, many industries are transforming their processes to remain relevant and competitive. Therefore, there’s a growing demand for jobs and individuals with the skills and expertise to satisfy digitally transformed sectors’ needs.

Consequently, a career in technology guarantees an excellent future if you have a knack for computers and networks. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of career options and job opportunities in the tech industry. Here’s a guide to some of the best careers in tech.

Data Science


In today’s information age, businesses and organizations undoubtedly gather and use more data than ever before. As such, there’s a growing demand for skilled experts who can evaluate data to help enterprises make better decisions. Data scientists compile, process, analyze, and present data for companies to help them make more informed decisions.

Currently, there’s a low supply of data scientists, although the need for Data science cuts across every sector from entertainment to healthcare. For instance, Data science can be applied in the healthcare industry to make clinical trials more effective. Leading healthcare companies such as Roivant Sciences are great examples of brands that use Data science in healthcare.

Roivant Sciences is a healthcare organization that applies technology to drug development. Vivek Ramaswamy established Roivant Sciences in 2014. Roivant has subsidiary biotech and healthcare brands called “vants” that focus on specific therapeutic areas. The company formed a $3 billion partnership with Sumitomo Dainippon, transferring ownership stake in Altavant Sciences, Urovant Science, Spirovant Sciences, Myovant Sciences, and Enzyvant Therapeutics subsidiaries to Sumitomo.

Ramaswamy stepped down as Roivant CEO in January 2021 and became executive chairman, allowing Matthew Gline, Roivant’s previous Chief Financial Officer, to occupy the CEO role. Matt Gline co-founded Fourthree and served as the Vice President Of Goldman Sachs for twelve years. In addition, Gline has also served as VP, Enterprise Risk Management Advisory at Barclays, providing analysis for corporate clients related to capital markets access for risk management and financing.

Information Security Analyst

Cybersecurity is a significant concern in today’s age because unauthorized access and cyber-attacks are common threats modern organizations face constantly. Although many tech careers involve security on some level, information security analysts are 100% dedicated to the total security of a computer network. As such, these analysts carry out security steps and monitor systems for security breaches. Additionally, information security analysts investigate possible violations to learn from their mistakes.

Furthermore, one of the most significant tasks you’ll carry out as an information security analyst is implementing security software like firewalls and encryption programs to bolster network defenses. In addition, you may even conduct regular security audits by attempting to hack through a system deliberately to identify weaknesses. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is normally needed to land a role as an internet security specialist, although a few employers prefer an MBA in Information Systems.

Robotics Engineer

Robots are increasingly popular nowadays since they’re widely used in several industries. However, since technology evolves rapidly, qualified robotics engineers are needed to analyze, configure, maintain, test, and reevaluate prototypes, integrated software, machines, and mechanical components they create for numerous industries. Generally, a master’s degree in robotics or computer science is necessary to acquire the skills, experience, and knowledge required to break into the robotics engineering field.

To conclude, there are numerous tech careers worth exploring these days if you have the necessary skills and expertise. You can always count on the fact that as tech continues to advance, new and exciting careers in the industry will also arise. The points above are some insights into some of the best jobs in tech these days.

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