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Great Options for Young Investors

Older adults can give you plenty of advice on what they did “back in my day,” but their way is not necessarily the best way for young investors. What worked for them straight out of high school isn’t going to work in the 21st century. That doesn’t mean that if you don’t do your due diligence that you can’t grow your bank account through a diverse portfolio—it will just be on your terms. As you look to raise your quality of life and net worth, keep these tips in mind.

Age-appropriate Investing

A simple truth about creating wealth is it takes investing. This doesn’t always mean you have to invest in the stock market, although that is a common and successful place to put your money. What you want to consider looking into alternative investment opportunities, though, is which investment platform you’d like to work with. Yieldstreet offers a great way to expand your investment opportunity. So, what is Yieldstreet anyway? It’s a crowdfunding platform that has new ways of looking at investments through alternative assets and investment strategies. To a young investor, Yieldstreet offers some short-term high yield options. The sectors they are familiar with include fine art, commercial real estate, marine finance, exotic assets, and litigation finance. The reason all of these investments make sense for a young individual is because they have a high reward. Put in the hard work early and you won’t have to take chances later in life.

Challenge your mind.


Another thing that young investors need to do is hone their mental capabilities. It’s hard to be aggressive with your finances if you aren’t making sure you’re exercising your brain. You’ll want to pick up some hobbies for intellectuals. These can be things like puzzles, board games, learning to play musical instruments or even learning a new language. They don’t have to be a new hobby, but it should be something that challenges you on an intellectual level. It’s amazing what a hobby can do for your confidence and in turn, your social interactions and outlook on life. These can be traditional favorites like chess or sudoku, or new video games. It could also be reading: there are countless benefits of reading, many of which can help you get a high return on even your minimum investment. Simply put, find a hobby that makes you think and keep practicing it.

Consider ways to relax.

Your life, even if you live in the United States, is full of stressors. These anxieties can cause harm to your financial success, in large part due to a lack of focus. They create weaknesses in your train of thought and cause you to make poor decisions. It’s good to have ways to relax in our lives so we don’t carry our issues with us for a long time. This could be any sort of leisure activities such as gardening or knitting. It could also be a physical activity like swimming, running, or any of the dozens of team sports out there. A recent study by Harvard shows that stress progresses many of the leading causes of death in the United States. It’s vital to your financial and physical health to find peaceful moments.

Stay out of debt.


Since antiquity, it’s been said that the borrower is a slave to the lender. It’s still true today that if you owe someone money, they will come looking for it. Collectors are real. Also, when you constantly owe money, it’s nearly impossible for your to ever build wealth because all of your money is going to a lender. To have money to invest, you need to have money. The less debt you have, the more freedom of choice you’ll have with your money. If you are in debt, get out using the debt snowball so you can utilize more of your annual income on alternative investing and financial freedom.

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