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Gift Ideas for Prospective Harvard Business School Students

Applying to a business program for an MBA or other advanced degree is a big deal. Doing so at one of the top business schools in the United States is an even bigger undertaking. If you know someone who’s applied for graduate school or for an undergrad program at Harvard Business School, a great way to show them you’re rooting for them is by getting them a gift. While that prospective student waits for a letter or envelope from the admissions team, you can cheer them on with a gift that will be useful now—and even more so if they get in. For gift ideas for the prospective Harvard business student on your list, read on.

Self-care and Health Gifts


Being an MBA applicant or top business school undergrad applicant comes with a lot of stress and prep work. For the hopeful student on your list, one of the best gifts you could give could be a great night’s sleep. A gift like a Serta mattress from City Mattress or another brand could be exactly what the future business student on your list needs to be successful, regardless of whether they get in. City Mattress was the first specialty mattress retailer and has brick-and-mortar stores located all around NYC and Florida. Products include all sleep accessories: bed frames, mattresses, headboards, and more. Whether you’re looking for that comfortable foam mattress or a medium-firm mattress to get the student on your list through their MBA program, a quality mattress is a great place to start.

The ability to get a great night’s sleep is only step one in a healthy lifestyle that will make for great self-care habits. If you’re hoping to support that perspective student through their program, it’s a great idea to set them up with self-care items that will mean healthy eating, exercise, and more. Consider gifts like gym memberships, healthy cookbooks, and wellness products like CBD tinctures for energy and focus. This way, the student on your list will be in a better position for overall success regardless of which school they ultimately attend.

The Gift of an Advantage


If the prospective student on your list hasn’t finished their application process yet, another great gift could be giving them an edge with college admissions committees. By hiring a college consultant who can help them to bring their application to a whole new level, they’ll have better chances of being admitted into their top-choice program. A Harvard admissions consultant, for example, can help your student prep for the admissions interview or craft the perfect essay and personal mission statement. By giving them an advantage, you might play a big part in making their educational dreams come true.

A Gift of Faith


There’s no doubt that anxiety can come into play as you and the student you love wait out the admissions process. For some students, a gift like a vacation Bible school bible, stones that encourage peace of mind and tranquility, a cross, or other spiritual or religious token could be one way to help that student stay calm and less anxious. Think about the student’s religious beliefs and ask yourself if you think a token to remind them to have faith would be the right gift for them. The student on your list doesn’t have to subscribe to one particular organized religion or another. Instead, if they are just a spiritual person, tapes for meditation, yoga mats, or other items for self-care and to promote mental wellness might work, too.

Technology and Gadgets


Regardless of whether the prospective student on your list gets into Harvard, they’ve clearly got lofty educational and career goals. For this reason, gifts of technology will always be appreciated. Consider what the student on your list needs to stay connected. From laptops and computers to unlimited cloud space and computer software or accessories, there are bound to be things the student will need in the future. By having the right technology for their learning and working needs, the student will be in the best position to succeed into the future. When considering a gift for a prospective Harvard student, or student going into any business program, technology and the accessories that go with it may be the perfect thing to give. With the global market more remotely connected than ever before, technology gifts can be used for much more for those attending the top MBA program, and could even be used as the student prepares their application and connects with their MBA admissions consultant.

Whether the student you love gets in or not, applying to a top business school is still a major achievement. By taking the time to pick out a thoughtful gift they can use no matter where their studies or career leads, you’ll be reminding them they have someone cheering their future success on. Even better, you’ll become part of that success.

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