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4 Great Software Solutions for Connecting With Customers

The business world is ever-evolving, and each evolution requires businesses to keep up with the pace of change or get left in the dirt. One of the most recent changes in commerce in the United States is the focus on the customer experience. These days, the companies that thrive are the ones that make customer satisfaction their top priority.

Communication is everything to businesses because it’s how you present your brand to consumers as well as provide customer service. A major shift in commerce is that customers expect a more personalized experience than ever before. The good news for companies struggling to make the necessary changes is that technology has solutions to help companies do a better job of connecting with consumers. Continue reading to learn which software solutions are best for connecting with customers.

1. Marketing Orchestration Software


The phenomenon that is automation has made its presence felt in every industry. The use cases for automation are endless, but one of its best uses is as a marketing tool.

Performing some of your digital marketing activities on social media is one of the most effective ways to grow your customer base. For one, nearly everyone in the U.S. (and around the world) is on at least one social media platform, and second of all, you can put together effective marketing campaigns for free on social media. The main key to having success with your marketing campaign is to consistently create social media posts, which means you have to create a schedule for your posts to maximize your marketing efforts.

With a social media calendar, you can schedule your social media posts and automate their release. With Welcome marketing planning software, it’s like having a virtual project manager on your team.

Not only does this software help your company connect with customers, but Dit also helps your team members to connect on marketing campaigns. Furthermore, with a different marketing calendar template for nearly every type of digital marketing plan and workflow, you have peace of mind that your marketing campaigns will always be on time no matter the type of content or target audience.

Digital marketing makes marketing easier and more affordable for companies of all sizes. With planning software to bolster your marketing efforts, you can take your marketing strategy to another level.

2. Contact Center Software


There were a lot of companies in 2020 that had to take their operations virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With virtual call centers, they were able to ensure they could provide their customers with the same level of service and expertise, even if not in person.

Contact center systems enable companies to connect with customers across multiple platforms, including phone calls, live chat, chatbots, and emails. The best part is that a powerful enough contact center can automate most of those processes.

3. CRM Software


The more your company knows about its customers, the better it is for everyone on your customer service and marketing teams. If your company is having trouble connecting with customers, it could be a sign that you’re not getting the most out of the wealth of data you get from your interactions with them.

CRM contact center integration is like sending your virtual call center to the gym. With CRM, you can use the power of analytics to get valuable insights into what your customers want and expect from the brands they trust. CRM uses customer information such as their purchase history, shopping habits, and other intricate customer data to get to know the persona of each customer and tailor solutions to specific customer needs.

4. Online Survey Software


One of the best ways to improve your best practices and enhance your relationships with customers is by using customer feedback. Voice-of-the-customer software increases brand visibility by encouraging customer interactions with consumers outside of your customer base and encourages customer loyalty by asking current customers how your company can better serve them.

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