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3 Useful Visual Marketing Techniques

In today’s business world, most organizations have integrated digital practices into nearly every element of routine workflow. From market analysis and product design to demographic outreach and customer service, new innovations can help businesses of every size and industry. What is universal, however, is that visual marketing methods have become more sophisticated and cost-efficient, enabling companies to use powerful new ways to present information. Whether used for in-person meetings and seminars or, as has become a new industry-wide practice, through a virtual office space platform, visual communication has never been more effective.

If you’ve been considering new forms of visual integration in your organization’s workflow, the good news is that there are numerous visual presentation methods and platforms to help your entire team. Whether through customized explainer videos, elaborate graphs, and charts, or animated web content, visual marketing can be a major asset for every area of your company’s success. Here, we will look at just three powerful visual marketing techniques that can help your business achieve improved communication and outreach.

1. Video Marketing and Explainer Videos


With digital content and social media being major venues for consumers to discover new products and services, the practice of producing in-house “explainer videos” has become popular among companies of all sizes and with varied budgets. If you’ve ever wondered if explainer videos may be effective for your company’s meetings and presentations, or how to make an explainer video with the least amount of hardware, it may be a good idea to consider the many ways in which a good explainer video can help every area of your business.

For business meetings, even those conducted via virtual communication, an animated explainer video that details the main points of your presentation can be incredibly memorable to your target audience. Platforms and software can allow you to create motion graphics and even teach you the steps of storyboards for your information. They also include voiceover narration features to verbally communicate the main points of the video and even free video editor options for cutting and shaping the footage. If you’re creating an explainer video for your fellow team members, archiving the finished videos for in-house download or streaming can act as a “visual guidebook” for future employee use. Likewise, simple explainer videos made to articulate the features of new products or services can be uploaded to your company’s website and social media profiles.

2. The New Era of Information Charts

While pie charts have long been a great way to unveil marketing strategies and presentations, digital methods have provided innovative new options for this traditional visual technique. In demonstrating market analysis and potential customer trends, a digital chart template with multiple visual options can be ideal. In order to create a chart, simply select the style that best suits both your ultimate communicative goals and target audience. Both pie charts and horizontal bar charts are perfect for comparative information, while a line chart can demonstrate trends over long periods of time. Like an explainer video, new chart templates also allow for motion graphics and narration. This can enable you to make a hybrid visual technique that animates facts and figures in an engaging way.

3. Design Prototypes and Sample Pages


An easy way to learn new visual presentation methods is to play with templates and samples. For example, creating a prototype of your company’s new product landing page can be an effective first step toward needed product tweaks and upcoming customer outreach. Your first step could be to utilize a video maker or online tool for graphic design. This can aid your own understanding of the digital platforms themselves, as well as provide important information and video clips to your team via elaborate sample content. Visual prototypes of new products and potential websites can even include video clips and as much detail as your customer base requires prior to your upcoming product launch.

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