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Why a Dedicated Server is Important for any gaming company

Suppose you’re a manager or an employee in a gaming company. In that case, you’re likely aware that gamers have high expectations regarding accelerated, stable, and high-quality performance in their gaming experience. Unstable connections delayed loading, and slow downloads will cause users to avoid your business altogether.

Having the right server in your content delivery network (CDN) can prevent that from happening. Dedicated server hosting is one of the best options you could consider in making sure your consumers have a smooth user experience. Here’s why.

1. High-Quality Performance


The fast-growing gaming industry, which was once swarming with teenagers, has become attractive to people of all ages. The scope is wider, and the demand is higher. Most gamers are usually not concerned about how you generate your content but very much expect an optimal experience when visiting your site.

No doubt, handling such a huge chunk of data could be a lot of work for a basic server to manage. However, dedicated server hosting offers uninterrupted access and dependable connection while ensuring an optimal gaming experience.

Also, having a Minecraft server hosting will only make the gaming experience better. This is when dedicated servers like the one offered on OVHcloud come in. They offer OpenStack-based public cloud and hosted private clouds. They also assist with setting up and maintaining your server to ensure quality performance and connectivity.

2. More Control

Here’s another piece of advice for entrepreneurs looking to get into the gaming industry; be mindful of customer satisfaction. Giving your consumers enough control over the games they play will keep them coming back. Dedicated servers allow companies to give their users some amount of control. A gamer with dedicated server hosting is guaranteed full access.

Some gaming platforms even allow users to customize or modify the setup. This way, an avid gamer can make the game their own. What’s more, since the server is always available, users can log in whenever they choose. You can get more entrepreneurial advice on managing customers and making investment decisions on sites like trading costs. They also offer extensive information on various markets, giving you intel on what your competitors may be up to.

3. Little to No Lag


Nobody likes to wait for things. It’s even more frustrating when you’re in the middle of a game; you get to the good part, and buffering begins! Gamers especially detest this because the faster responses are, the better the experience. In games where timing is critical, high pings ruin the experience.

Ping is the duration it takes for an internet signal to travel to and back from a particular destination to the primary source. So, a low ping is good, and a high ping is bad. Those on basic servers are likely to face high pings, leading to a terrible user experience — and for any company, the last thing they want is to lose customers. That is why business owners should consider looking for the perfect software for growing a small business, just like the dedicated server.

4. Increased Reliability

Dedicated servers save gamers the trouble of high latency. You’ll experience little to no lag when playing high demanding games. This is because most providers offer guaranteed uptimes, as well as round the clock monitoring and surveillance to make sure your server is working efficiently. Since you have maximum control with a dedicated server and you’re not sharing with people, you’re confident you’ll have great gaming experiences without hitches.

5. Better Customer Support


Although it’s improbable that you’ll experience technical hiccups with a dedicated server, your service provider will be on call to assist with setting up and running the server. You’re guaranteed constant support anytime it’s needed.

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