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Top Software Solutions for Energy Retailers

Software are pieces of technology that help in a variety of different spheres. At its core, software is a collection of instructions and data which tell a computer how to operate. This also includes programs and operating information that are used by a computer. Software is often divided into two separate categories: operating systems and application software. Operating systems are used to manage hardware, while also creating an interface between the hardware and the user. Application software is a program or group designed for the end-user.

Computer software can be used for basic functions like typing a document on a computer, to complex tasks such as balancing the books for large companies. Some examples of useful business software include QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, WordPress, PayPal, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Various industries across the world use such software for a variety of different reasons. One such industry includes energy retailers. Energy retailers are businesses that provide users with options for purchasing energy/power wholesale. These are energy purchases from facilities beyond what’s offered by any existing utility companies they may be dealing with. Here, we’ll focus on what the top software solutions are for such energy retailers.

Quixotic 360


In the United States, energy retailers provide a large portion of energy for businesses across the country. The profit received from this industry is staggering. In 2019 alone, the electric power revenue reaped for that year was approximately $401.7 billion. Companies like 4Change Energy, Ambit Energy, Bounce Energy, Cirro Energy, and Just Energy all contribute to the rising profits of the energy retailer market. In order for such companies to thrive, though, they need software technology to ensure that they stay afloat. provides such software to users.

Quixotic 360 provides energy retailers a SaaS platform for energy retailers. This allows them to optimize communication for clients/utilities. This optimization includes everything that’s related to processing, automating the generation and exchange of XML files in a bidirectional and end-to-end manner. The software also provides a single repository of information for users, integration with third-parties, real-time processing reports, and file processing, which is crucial for energy retailers. In the long run, Quixotic 360 is a top solution software option that energy retailers should look to invest in.

IA Call Center

Call centers are essential to a variety of different industries. These departments are usually the front line for clients when they contact a business. These service centers should be properly functioning at all times, and the staff of the service center should be the best of the best. A client’s impression can begin and end with the service they receive in such service centers. In this case, it helps to have the best people on staff, in addition to having software/technology which will allow them to provide the best answering service possible.

This is where the IA Call center steps in. The contact center software and services provided by this company can ensure that an energy retailer can operate to the best of their ability. IA Call Center offers contact center solutions that provide a seamless and well-functioning experience for the client. Through the use of various service center focused software, this business provides a boutique call center experience that offers call center services and omnichannel services for businesses of all sizes.

They provide state-of-the-art service center technology, while also processing up to 1 million transactions per year via their reps. The company brings with it over 50 years of experience in the service center technology industry and employs over 100 trained customer service reps who can help energy retailers with any service-related questions they may have. All of these contact center software features make IA Call Center a top software solution for energy retailers.

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