3 Ideas for Your Next Vacation

Have you been itching to take a hike in the Peruvian Andes or the Swiss Alps? Perhaps you’re more of a city person and have been drooling over the thought of getting lost in the excitement of New York, tasting the best eats from food stalls in Hanoi, or visiting the historic sites of Delhi. Or maybe you want to escape far, far away to the remote and sandy shores of an island in the Caribbean?

With international travel still uncertain at the moment, it is also important to make the most of the environment we live, work, and sleep in. Turn your home into a sacred space with a few tips for making your home a place of healing. Start by making simple changes such as removing clutter and adding personal touches such as indoor plants, candles, essential oils, and globally-inspired decor. Even if you can’t travel quite yet, now is the perfect time to start planning future getaways and summer vacations to help satiate your wanderlust.

1. Go on a rejuvenating wellness vacation.


After the year that most of us have had, you likely have been daydreaming about future escapes to somewhere exotic. If you’re after a rejuvenating vacation filled with wellness activities and relaxation, plan an island escape to the Maldives or the Bahamas, where you can enjoy the peaceful scenery and lush surroundings. Start and end your days by taking a dip in the clear sea and pass your afternoons reading books beneath the shade of palm trees. Or if you’re looking to dive a bit deeper into your wellness, book a yoga and Ayurveda retreat in India or Sri Lanka. Immerse yourself in the healing space, where you can benefit from the positive energy of the retreat. Take classes at the yoga studio, deepen your meditation practice, and partake in beneficial Ayurvedic treatments, including massage, herbs, and culinary cleanses. Benefit from the healthy environment of nature and wellness-centric retreat.

2. Take a culinary-inspired trip.

Is one of your favorite parts about travel indulging in exciting foreign delicacies? If so, you might want to plan your next trip around food. Do you live and breathe pasta, pizza, and red wine? Plan a trip to Italy and eat your way through foodie destinations such as Bologne, Rome, and Tuscany. If your palate is drawn to spice, check out countries like Thailand and Mexico, known for their chili-forward dishes. Or, if you want something that surprises you, head a bit more off the beaten path to Morocco or Lebanon and indulge in plates of hummus and couscous. Take some time to research the food history and culture of where you’re going, and learn about dishes beyond the staples. On your vacation, take a cooking class, visit markets, go on food tours, taste the unusual, and bring a bit of inspiration back to your own kitchen at home.

3. Travel for an outdoor adventure.


Are you wanting to head somewhere wild and off-grid? For your next vacation, you might be inclined to plan an outdoor adventure. The world is filled with natural wonders that can be experienced from the tops of snow-capped mountains to the depths of the ocean. If you’re an animal lover, get in touch with wildlife by trekking with primates in Uganda, going on a safari and learning about wildlife conservation and rescue in South Africa, or diving with whale sharks in Mozambique. If you want an active holiday, plan a backpacking trip through the valleys and glaciers of Chilean Patagonia or along the ridges of the Nepali Himalayas. For a spring outdoor escape closer to home, explore the best hiking trails near you, rent a cabin in a quiet place in the forest, take a day-trip to a waterfall, or set up a campsite in your own backyard. Get outside, escape from the noise and routine of daily life, and breathe in some fresh air. Wherever you decide to go, exploring a new locale can be the best way to refresh and reconnect.

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