Marketing for the Law Firm: 5 Ways to Get More Clients

Marketing any business can be a difficult task. Whether you’re a Los Angeles marijuana lawyer or a personal injury attorney out of Detroit, MI, the law industry is a competitive field to find clients in since there are so many factors that go into a client’s decision to choose you over another firm. As a result, your law firm must have a strong marketing strategy. With the right plan and execution, you can find effective ways of attracting new clients without spending too much money in the process. Here are five ideas to consider when planning your next law firm marketing campaign.

Harness testimonials

Word-of-mouth is an important part of any business model, and this is doubly true for law firms. Clients want to know that you will be able to help them understand the ins and outs of their case and will treat them fairly and with respect. They also want to know that you have a successful track record in your line of practice since they likely won’t have ever gone to court before. All of this information can be authentically shared with potential clients via testimonials on your website or reviews of your firm on Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. Make sure that you have profiles for both websites set up so that your past clients can share their experiences online with others.

Collect leads on social media

Social media marketing offers powerful pools to target consumers by demographic information as well as various behaviors of life events. While this can all help you get in front of the right people, it may be best to handle talking to potential customers in person rather than trying to cram all of the pertinent information about your practice into one, singular Facebook ad. Running a lead generation campaign on Facebook is just as easy, and uses a simple form creator to gather information about each user. Once someone has opted into being contacted through your lead generation form, it’s easy to reach out to each user via phone or email in order to set up a free consultation and learn more about their case.

Run an SEO campaign

With such a crowded field of search terms, running an SEO campaign can’t hurt for boosting your organic search results. After all, location-based searches generally perform better than others. However, there still may be several of your competitors scoring higher for terms like “divorce lawyer in Chicago.” Using a managed SEO campaign is one of many ways to start to improve your page ranking in search results, and can help you immensely. 

Run retargeted display ads

Have you ever visited a website for concert tickets, only to be inundated with advertisements on other websites for that concert until you actually make a purchase? That’s retargeted marketing at work! Retargeted display ads are a great way to keep your law firm at the forefront of internet users’ minds as they browse the web, and can be done based on unique visits to a landing page on your website. It may take a few times of seeing your business in order for a client to reach out, so retargeting campaigns are an excellent way to help a user remember you.

Know when to use an agency

If all of the above campaigns seem highly technical, don’t worry. There are plenty of times that it might make more sense to hire an attorney marketing agency to handle the day-to-day management of your marketing campaign as you work to attract more clients and provide great service to existing ones, too. An agency like Nettra Media has a reputation for aiding law firms with their marketing campaigns, handling everything from execution to data analytics. This can allow you to focus on winning your clients’ cases so that when new clients hear about you they also hear about your culture of success.

From harnessing testimonials to improving your website’s search ranking, the above strategies all have a place in any business’ marketing plan. Especially for an industry in which referrals and word-of-mouth are so important, having a way to get information about your law firm out to potential clients is imperative if you want to succeed. Regardless of the option that you decide on, the above five techniques are all worth considering when it comes to attracting new clients for your law practice.

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