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How To Recruit Drivers for a New Business

Starting a new company is a great way to bring your lifelong business ideas to life as a young entrepreneur. Since your enterprise is new, a critical aspect of positioning your brand for success is assembling the right team members who can propel your company forward.

Nowadays, company drivers are essential across several industries, so hiring excellent drivers for your small business is undoubtedly a great idea. By recruiting the best drivers, you can be assured that whatever deliveries and other tasks they’re assigned to perform will be executed efficiently and professionally. Below are some helpful driver recruitment tips to attract great drivers to your new company.

Use high-quality recruitment platforms.


Several essential business aspects have been positively impacted by technology, allowing companies to function more efficiently, and the hiring process hasn’t been left out. Start-ups and established companies rely on the latest and most innovative platforms to recruit the best talent for their companies, and so should you. These recruitment platforms allow you to post job applications at your company, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms work the magic by matching your preferences against existing profiles in their databases. This way, employers can find the best matches to fill open slots in their companies. Finding the right recruitment platform is necessary to hire the best truck drivers for your company. Reliable driver recruitment platforms, such as FatJ, can help with these requirements.

FatJ is owned and operated by Fusion Recruiting Labs and is one of the country’s fastest-growing companies. It’s a digital marketing platform that makes it easier for trucking companies to hire drivers for their operations. Recruiters can post job openings on their Hire FatJ platform to find and hire great drivers in this high-demand industry. This way, you can attract skilled drivers to join and remain part of your staff. FatJ presently operates as a recruitment advertising platform for the transportation and logistics industry. What’s more, they’ve empowered more than a thousand recruitment teams in companies nationwide with the right tools and expertise to help them streamline their recruitment process.

Offer attractive staff benefits.

Several drivers, especially those in the trucking business, are hot commodities on the recruitment market. As many baby boomer drivers retire, the challenge for many recruiters has been recruiting younger drivers willing to replace older ones in the driver’s seat. Turnover in the industry is also high, and many drivers are leaving their jobs because they feel underpaid and undervalued by their employers. Consequently, offering attractive benefits to drivers is a great way to recruit and retain them for the long haul.

Some common truck driver benefits you should offer are top pay packages (preferably slightly above the industry standards), flexible home time, wellness packages, and other great benefits. This way, you can attract great drivers who can help you become the successful entrepreneur you wish to be in no time. To increase your chances of success on your entrepreneurial journey, you can also read entrepreneurship tips for startups to discover why they fail and successful start-up secrets. Offering unique items to target consumers, buying the right equipment, and constantly learning are some tactics employed by the best entrepreneurs worth trying.

Use social media effectively.

Social media plays a central role in business nowadays, including facilitating recruitment efforts. It’s one of the leading drivers of sales nowadays, and companies are improving their social media practices to solidify their brand identities and form stronger relationships with clients. You can use social media as an advertisement tool for your company, posting driver job openings to your followers. You can share these until they reach the right drivers you can partner with to drive your business forward.

Drivers are essential employees worth recruiting for your new business. The above-listed points are helpful tips for recruiting the best driving talents for your start-up.

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