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6 Smart Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

If there’s one thing that this tumultuous and disorienting era of the Coronavirus has taught us all, it’s that our lives as we know it can be completely upended, and the world can fall into a state of complete chaos at a moment’s notice. With that being said, it can pay off in all kinds of ways to organize our lives and make sure that we have healthy coping mechanisms in place for when the world decides to lob a big old curveball in our direction. So, let’s take a look at some smart lifestyle tips and tricks that we can all benefit from taking with us as we navigate this crazy thing called life.

1. Store belongings that you don’t need.

We’re all prone to phases of mindlessly creating clutter around our homes. The thing about a cluttered living space is that it can make it that much harder to smoothly go about your day’s responsibilities. Your mind already has enough junk floating around in it, and some simple reorganizing around your home can work wonders for providing some newfound balance in your life. To accomplish this reorganization you might need to seek out storage facilities in Marietta, GA. A storage unit can come through in the clutch like none other. With a helpful US Self Storage company that rocks stellar customer service you’ll be able to easily free up space around your home and organize your life in a painless, stress-free way. Plus, many self storage units offer promotional discounts for your first month, so you won’t have to worry about dipping too deep into your wallet. Besides, you can’t put a price on that wonderful peace of mind.

2. Liven up your living space with some plants.

Maybe you already have someone in your social circle who has the infamous plant-loving green thumb. Plants provide a welcomed rush of positive energy to your home. In fact, the process of mindfully caring for plants around your home has been shown to help support your mental health. Specifically, plant parents benefit from reduced levels of anxiety. It could be the fact that you’re required to step outside of constantly thinking about yourself and instead look after another little being just trying to make it on this crazy planet we call home. So treat yourself with some gift plants. That new houseplant or succulent might end up being your new best pal. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the peaceful stillness that new plants can have in regards to your lifestyle. Just make sure you do your homework on what kind of humidity your new houseplant will thrive under. From there, you’re well on your way to a great experience as a new houseplant owner.

3. Optimize your inbox.

Cleaning up house in your inbox is one of those prime, beneficial real-life examples of supervised learning. You basically take into account past examples of obnoxious spam that have hit your inbox, and flag those spam sources so that you don’t have to worry about the cleaning out the obvious spam emails in the future. Seriously, that can take a long time. A spam emailer is one of the worst kinds of harassers out there. You can end up saving yourself a wealth of time and energy in the future if you take the time to do this. It’s little victories like this that can go on to introduce a whole new level of efficiency in your daily life. Talk about leveling up when it comes to your lifestyle.

4. Proactively shut down the scammer phone calls.

Caller I.D. only does so much in the face of the world’s relentless spam callers. Phone numbers can be deceptive. The last thing you need in your busy daily life is to have to deal with juggling multiple frustrating and pointless spam calls from the scammers of the world. Maybe you’ve already found yourself trying to determine how to find out who called you. Unknown numbers can drive the sanest of individuals off their rockers. Fortunately, nowadays pretty much everyone’s phone service offers clutch services like a “call trap” or “call trace.” With a call trap you’ll be asked by your phone service company to write down the dates and times that you received the spam calls. From there it’s a little bit of a waiting game to hear back from your phone service company about who it was that called you. With a call trace you’ll be able to instantly report the spam caller to law enforcement. This option typically comes with a fee attached.

5. Add meditation into your daily routine.

Meditation’s been hailed near and far for its profound ability to elevate people’s well being, and promote more consistent happiness in your daily life. All you’ll need to do is make use of one of the many effective and simple meditation apps that are available in the app store. By setting aside a mere 10 minutes of your day and practicing a method as simple as following your breath in and out, you’ll be shocked at what this ends up translating to for your overall mental health. We could all benefit from such a tool during these crazy and stressful times.

6. Use an actual alarm clock instead of the one on your phone.

We’re all guilty of getting caught up in the endless stream of stimulating life updates from everyone on our social media apps. Our phones are definitely useful, but they’re also terribly effective instigators when it comes to overstimulating you, and making it that much harder to fall asleep at night. Thus, making the conscious decision to leave your phone in the kitchen and use an actual alarm clock to wake you up in the morning can end up working wonders for helping you fall asleep easier at night.

We’ve touched on some of the essential tips and tricks you can welcome into your life to level up your whole lifestyle. It’s never too late to make a change for the better. Tough times like these certainly invite all of us to turn inward and have the courage to life hack our way into our best selves. It’s dangerously easy to fall prey to a vicious cycle where you’ve grimly accepted that things are just doomed and never going to improve. Instead, it’s all about summoning that willpower to exercise control over the things that you actually can.

Through optimizing your lifestyle you can reduce your weaknesses that are holding you back, and gain the ability to meet each day’s challenges with the kind of fortitude and presence required to not get beaten down by this emotional rollercoaster that is life. Thankfully, modern civilization provides each of us with many helpful tools and technologies that make the lifestyle optimization process a smooth and easy one. So, take these with you and enjoy the positive changes that they bring into your life. There’s no reason that 2021 can’t be your best year on record.

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