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4 Products and SaaS Offerings You Should Consider

In recent years, software as a service (SaaS) has become a favorite of small businesses that are trying to build an enterprise infrastructure. SaaS is software which the product’s vendor manages themselves, leaving their clients with nothing to do except for using the software program.

One major reason everyone from business owners to sales team managers love SaaS programs is that you don’t have to be an IT expert to use them. You don’t have to call everyone in to work on the weekends for a training program on how to work the new software because the vendor does everything themselves. Continue reading to learn about SaaS products that can take your enterprise to the next level.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software


Customer service is the heart and soul of all businesses. Whether you excel at customer service or are terrible at it determines the trajectory of your small business. Many companies readjust their entire program of best practices with the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction, but technology is the real secret to providing superior customer support.

CRM can be used for everything from finding new hires to converting potential customers into buyers and is one of the most powerful tools you can give your sales team. It’s true that there’s no substitute for sales training, but CRM provides salespeople with valuable insights about potential customers that come close. CRM is so powerful that even in virtual contact centers, it’s more important than any piece of call center equipment.

Not only can you use CRM software for customer service and sales conversions, but you can also use it to fine-tune your marketing strategy. As you know, advertising has become more targeted than ever. In recent years, companies like Coldea Productions that provide product videography have been helping companies to increase their online presence with product videos. Video production isn’t for the faint of heart, so having professionals develop your video content—from product videos to explainer videos or marketing videos—will make your finished product shine on social media.

The key to the success of these product videos is posting them to social media where they can reach the people who are most likely to be moved by them. With CRM, you can get insight into what products specific customers like and tailor your product videos to your target audience based on customer behavior.

2. Online Sales Training Software


Over the past year, COVID-19 restrictions have shown us how much we can accomplish online. Of course, one of the biggest use cases for cyber technology was online learning as children across the U.S. were forced to take virtual courses. It even turns out that online learning, via Zoom or Google Hangouts, is the best way for some people to learn.

If you want to increase revenue in your business, the best way to do that is to increase your sales. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a new sales rep, online sales training is a great way to improve your sales skills and find new ways to reach potential clients, as well as improve the morale of your entire team.

To find the best sales training software for your small business, you should check out the Selling Power digital magazine. They detail top training materials such as Coursera and many more. With the right sales training software, your salespeople can go from struggling to meet their quotas to becoming top performers.

3. OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)


Objectives and key results software (OKRs) is one of the most important tools for companies that are trying to expand. The only way to get your entire team working toward a common goal is if your company objectives are well-defined with benchmarks you can use as metrics for company performance. OKRs uses the power of AI and big data to get valuable insights into employee performance and track their progress as they work toward company objectives.

4. Accounting Software


One of the most powerful tools for business owners is accounting software. When running a company, you have to be accurate in reporting your gains or losses as well as expenses. Not doing so could spell personal and financial ruin, but with the right virtual accounting tools, it’s like having a tax adjuster with you everywhere you go.

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