Tech Tools for Startup Companies

As the world evolves, the line between technology and business keeps blurring. Beyond consistent investments and the right people, startup companies also need efficient IT strategies to survive in today’s highly competitive markets. And without the right tech tools, all these investments and strategies can churn very little results for growth and scalability. Here are some essential tech tools for startup companies.

HR Tool


Technology continues to be a go-to for effective human resources processes. Today’s business world requires effective training and upskilling efforts for a startup’s workforce to leverage the latest industry updates and keep up with the times. This can be daunting for HR managers as upskilling often demands more time and effort to plan webinars, select potential participants, and onboard facilitators for inclusion workshop sessions.

Luckily, modern HR tools like iConnect can make the processes more manageable. As a platform, iConnect affords startups the opportunity to upload several employee training videos. The iConnect platform is a one-stop-shop option that enables HR managers to analyze performance, leverage feedback from staff, and deploy social learning materials across an organization. The iConnect platform’s easy-to-navigate website provides adequate information about the platform and its features for more clarity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

As a startup founder, it’s essential to keep your eyes on your product. But keeping your eyes on the customer pays more. Today’s customer has several expectations from businesses. Rapid advancements in communication mean that customers can quickly discover and move to alternatives when they’re not satisfied with your service. A typical example is how Google’s quest to make better recommendations for users now brings up business reviews in the overview search results when customers make a query about your brand.

And just a single negative comment is enough to throw a potential customer off. These advancements have made customer relationship management a requirement for business and not just an afterthought behind products and operations. With tools like Lumiwise, startup businesses can obtain valuable information for efficient operation. It’s an online resource for multiple needs and covers business reviews from web hosting to email marketing.

Accounting Software

Many startups fail in their early years, and the best way to not become another statistic is to be brutally efficient, which requires effective accounting efforts. The last thing investors want to see with startups is poor accounting. Businesses can either enlist system architects to create new software for their accounting needs or download and customize free existing templates. Either way, digitalizing your accounting efforts, compared to hardcopy bookkeeping, can help generate a lot of insights for your financial and investment decisions.

Cloud Contact Center Tool


As a startup, your customer is why you exist. To a large extent, it goes beyond your genius product or your revolutionary management. How you treat your customers determines how they patronize you and their loyalty to your startup in the long haul. And this is why customer experience and customer engagement are essential for businesses today. Managing customers in the internet age isn’t an easy task. Thanks to cloud contact centers, businesses can have a manageable journey relating to customers. A call center software can help ensure reliability and quality management of customer queries. Your contact center may also integrate multiple digital and communication channels so that you don’t leave any customers behind.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tool

The business landscape continues to experience rapid changes, and using data to inform one business activity after the other can be crucial for startups. Results from business intelligence systems work as expert advice for your business. As a startup, BI analytics can afford you the operational expertise you require in pushing your products to customers’ doorsteps and improving return on investment (ROI). Business intelligence can help startups stay relevant and agile. Now more than ever, these indicators are essential for businesses crossing over to the post-pandemic world.

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