Romance Is In the Air: 4 Tips for Proposing

After an unconventional year and being in the middle of a global pandemic, what could be more romantic than a creative proposal? The reality is that times are challenging for most people right now. If you’re considering proposing to your partner, one way to make it extra romantic during stressful times is to do some serious planning. From using humor to finding the perfect ring, if you’re looking for some creative ideas on how to propose to your partner, read on for more.

1. Finding the Perfect Ring


The perfect proposal starts with the perfect ring. If you’re considering proposing, you’ve likely already looked at some diamond engagement rings and have an idea of what you have in mind and what your partner might prefer. While many engagements are surprises, most couples talk about getting married well before the engagement happens. If this rings true for you, you’ve likely heard a little about what your future bride wants in her perfect diamond ring.

When shopping for diamond rings, be sure you know ahead of time if you’re looking for white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, or traditional yellow gold. This is a great first place to start when purchasing an engagement ring. If you aren’t confident about picking the right ring style or haven’t talked to her about what she might want, consider enlisting the help of a sister, friend, or relative who you trust to give you their opinion on an engagement ring. It might help to have that second opinion but at the very least will be companionship to share in the excitement of your perfect ring purchase. When shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring, consider cut, carat, and clarity. You could also look into getting a deal on a wedding band if you buy it with the engagement ring.

2. Escape Proposals


Many people in long-term relationships enjoy traveling together. If you and your partner are the types who’ve researched where to take a weight-loss vacation, yoga retreats, inclusive rates and resorts, the best way to travel in a pandemic, and more, you might want to consider proposing in a tropical location with your love for travel in mind. Even if the pandemic means you can’t travel outside of North America, think about an escape location where you could pop the big question. A hike up a favorite mountain, a picnic retreat in your own backyard, or a road trip across the U.S. with no specific destination in mind might work as exciting ways to not only wind your courage up but start your future together. If you’re planning a picnic, don’t forget the snacks, glasses of wine, dessert, and a camera.

3. Using Humor


If the idea of proposing gives you anxiety, think about ways you could make it funny. While you won’t want to come off as insincere, your future bride will probably find humor in the idea that you researched the psychological benefits of having sex dolls simply so that you could practice popping the question on a doll with artificial intelligence. The reality is that, for many people, popping the question is a one-time deal and if it’s your first time, you will be nervous. It’s okay to admit that if things get awkward when you finally pop the question. The odds are, your life partner will be nervous, too.

Human relationships and even human sexuality often work better when humor is involved. When planning your proposal, consider not only the emotional bonds you have from things like a shared active lifestyle or love of fast food but about your shared sense of humor as well. To lighten the mood, come prepared to your proposal with the perfect joke, and you’ll come off like a pro.

4. Capturing the Memory on Video


Romance is about more than the ability to make your life partner laugh. Intimate relationships are complex. After taking time to put planning into the perfect proposal, you’ll want to be able to look back on it. When planning, think about how you’ll capture it. While you don’t need a photographer or video specialist to record your special moment, you might want to consider a third-party helper like a family member to catch your proposal on video or film. Make sure you pick someone who you trust to use discretion so as not to ruin that perfect romantic moment where your vulnerability will be exposed.

At the end of the day, it’s the marriage and not the proposal or wedding that matters the most. You can plan a romantic proposal your partner will remember forever with optimism if you put some planning into it now. Even in the middle of a pandemic, by getting a little creative and using your imagination while making your partner smile, you’re bound to be on your way to a happily ever after.

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