4 Great Security Measures Your Business Needs to Take

Security is a crucial component of every successful business. Security ensures customers, employees, business resources, and business information are secure. Without adequate security, companies risk losing clients and employees. Businesses are also at risk of having equipment and information stolen or destroyed.

Companies also face potential security risks from consumers, criminals, employees, and hackers who access sensitive data online. You can use the security measures outlined here to protect your business and prevent security issues.

1. Hire onsite security.


Security guards monitor your business site and investigate potential threats. An effective team of security guards can assure clients and employees of their safety when they’re at your site because you’ve invested in a visible security measure. Security guards enforce rules and address concerns. They investigate potential security issues and work with law enforcement to catch thieves who may be attempting to steal from your business or clients.

When a crime does occur, have your security team Google “crime scene cleaners Colorado” or wherever you’re located to locate a professional crime scene cleanup crew in your area. Take steps to ensure pros clean up hazardous materials at the scene. For example, there may be blood or feces at the scene of a homicide or unattended death. Crime scene cleaners follow appropriate protocols to ensure materials at a biohazard scene are removed correctly. Pro crime scene cleanup teams also address other cleanup needs, such as COVID decontamination and suicide cleanup.

2. Install a security system.


A superior security system helps law enforcement professionals investigate crimes. Video cameras can transmit footage to a hard drive or internet-based storage system to ensure footage is available when a security breach occurs. With a video surveillance system in place, you and your security team will be able to monitor your business site and receive alerts when threats are detected. Thanks to remote viewing features, it’s possible to access your security cameras in real-time and use two-way audio to communicate with potential thieves or vandals, deterring criminals from targeting your business.

When choosing your security system, it’s a good idea to review the pros and cons of DVR vs NVR security systems. Digital video recorder (DVR) systems use analog cameras, producing analog footage which must be converted into digital footage. Network video recorder (NVR) systems use IP cameras. They have audio capabilities, ensuring anyone who views footage can hear the audio recorded. IP cameras can also be used with facial recognition and license plate identification software.

3. Invest in cybersecurity.


Data security breaches cost companies millions in lost revenue, lawsuits, and security costs. Each typical data breach costs over $3 million, with some breaches costing over $100 million. Hackers can access client data and use their information to steal their identity and access their funds. Data breaches also put employees and business owners at risk. Hackers can steal proprietary information, jeopardizing business operations and raising security concerns with investors and business partners.

Hire information security analysts to develop and implement a cybersecurity strategy. Using firewalls can help prevent unauthorized access to your systems, but you should also have white hat hackers testing your system to determine whether it can be breached. Although cybersecurity costs are rising, the alternative is incurring the costs of lawsuits from breaches, lost revenue, and higher insurance rates.

4. Focus on community security.

Community security should be a key feature in your security strategy. Other business owners, homeowners, and people who live in nearby apartment complexes will appreciate a local business that alerts them and the authorities to potential threats.

Investing in community watch groups can be an effective way of deterring criminal activity near your location. You can fund a neighborhood watch or operation identification program. These programs ensure community members remain vigilant and address immediate concerns from people loitering in the area or who don’t have business in the neighborhood who may monitor potential properties to rob. Companies that support these programs and share data from their security cameras build goodwill in the local community, prompting community members to note and report any suspicious activity at the business’s location.

Companies can protect themselves from loss of business, lawsuits, and crime scene cleanup costs by taking appropriate security measures to deter criminal activity. Hiring a security team, installing security cameras, focusing on cybersecurity, and prioritizing community security will help protect your business from security risks.

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