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Help area

Scroll down and try to find what you are looking for, if you cannot find it here use our support

1. How does it work? How do I earn traffic?
2. How to view for traffic?
3. Cookies
4. How do I refer new people?
5. Login problems
6. Multiple accounts
7. How do I know my sites get traffic?
8. Why the own tracker logs differs from used hits?
9. If you do not receive traffic
10. Why you never see your own page?
11. Stats
12. Bonus traffic, free traffic.
13. Referrals
14. How can I change my account?
15. Changing target site profiles.
16. Test site.
17. Cheat protection.
17b. Automatic Suspension.
17c. Chinese users.
18. Reporting terms violation.
19. Why it DOES NOT work.
20. Buying traffic?
21. Support
22. Additional faqs, ideas and tips

1. How does it work? How do I earn hits?

As soon as youīve signed up as a new member with clickevolution you can start earning hits. For every 1 sites you visit, youīll get at least 1 hit back, provided you have active websites listed. If you have no active pages listed you will earn 0.5 hits.  

When you sign up a welcome message with login details are sent to your email address.

You can earn traffic in 2 ways:

1) By using your unique surf-for-traffic-link; Youīll earn traffic everytime you visit another members page, provided waiting long enough, about 15 seconds, which it will take for a new frame to load.

2) You can earn points from your "Direct Referrals" at level 1. Each time they visit a page you will automatically earn 0.3 hits too. This is a comfortable way to create traffic. The more members in you refer the more hits you will earn. You will find Referral stats in your member admin area.





Your traffic


Your own visits

Level 0





If you have 10 members

Level 1





Total number of visitors


2. How to surf for traffic?

Signup, login and find your surf-for-traffic-link in the members area. Just click it and your browser will start showing sites and you are earning traffic. This link was also provided to you in the welcome email message. You need not to login in order to surf unless using the clickevolution toolbar.

Surf Link looks like: http://www.clickevolution.com/surf/surf.php?userid=number

Only use this link in your browsers addressfield. Do not submit the link for rotation in any traffic exchanges. This is considered very annoying and nearly always is violation of terms. Your surflink will work like a "site-rotator" and you never know for sure what sites you are exposing. There is a risk of loosing your account not only with the traffic exchange in question but also with clickevolution.com.

3. Important: COOKIES!

Your browser must accept cookies, the software wont work properly without it.

4. How do I refer new people?

Login and get your referral link/url. Just copy and paste the link to your own website. You can submit it to linkpages, classified ad pages, run it on other traffic exchanges or wherever you find suitable. In your member area you will also find some banners to use for promotional purposes.

Looks like: http://www.clickevolution.com/surf/join.php?refid=number

5. Login problems

Identity: A user get an id-member number used in the surf-for-traffic-link and in the referral-link. Login details however consists of a number as login name and your password. Both were sent to you in the welcome email.
No other details are necessary. Login names and passwords are Case SenSitive. "Greta" is not the same as "GREta".
If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve them by the "Forgotten" link on the login page.

6. Multiple accounts;

Only signup for one account. Referring yourself is cheating.

7. How do I know my sites get traffic?

If you do not trust the stats shown in your member admin area or want more details you should get some good tracking software. We strongly recommend the AXS tracker. You will be able to log every single hit to your site. Your site must be perl enabled.

8. Why the own tracker logs differs from used traffic?

Shortly: They are likely to do - and it goes for all Traffic Exchanges and the internet as a whole.

For a traffic exchange script a 'hit' is equal to the addition of 1 hit and executed by the traffic exchange script for the target account - and nothing else.  When such hits are recorded the viewer always get a  1 visits increase with the viewers account. Internet connections are not 100% reliable. Our traffic exchange software is not the 'connecting part' i.e does not connect to your websites , the 'connecting part' is the viewers own local PC. 

Traffic are always deducted from accounts when users are surfing regardless of whether they are able to properly connect to the pages internally called by our traffic exchange software or not. These are circumstances over which noone can rule. The conclusion is: On the whole, real views of listed pages are always fewer in number than hits registered in the traffic exchange system.

There is no system telling you why your local system did not log a hit when a hit was expected.

Every single internal request for users pages from within the surf-frame is logged in detail by our system. We keep logs for surfers userid, targets userid, website id, url, time and ip-address. We are able to monitor, on the second, each and every user request in our system. Yet, this will not tell us if the user was able to externally connect to and actually view the page. Again, this is the internet reality over which no one will rule.

8:1) Connection problems! This is the most common reason: 50-60% of the users connect via 56k modem or slower.

Your site loads too slowly for those users (in other words, their connection is too slow and cannot handle the request)- at least not within the predetermined allotted time (15 seconds). The 'next page' is loaded before your site is loaded.

So, keep your site a quick one to load, please!

Avoid large images, bad html- and script code, slow or overloaded servers to host your sites. Popups and banner rotators often interrupt page loading. Free hosting services are likely to be not as good as paid-for services. Free hosting services nearly always force users to show their banners and/or popup windows. Users not always aware of it.

Your own page always loads quickly when you open it yourself. Thatīs because residing on your harddisk, youīre are not retrieving the heavy images etc from the internet.

Many trackers depends upon images, if some users do not have image enabled browsers you might get no logs at all from them. The most reliable source of stats is your servers raw log files.

Your page was temporarily down.

To check your page performance visit www.netmechanic.com/cobrands/zd_dev

8:2) Your tracker software is remotely hosted:
Remotely hosted tracker or counters also must load.( Much like the 'connection scenario' describe previously). The viewer might go to the next page before the remote tracker is loaded. We strongly recommend to use a tracker residing on the same server as your page - avoid remotely trackers if you can. 

As clickevolution does not allow url forwarding you must not use tracking service which redirects to the tracked url. Then, itīs a better choice using tracking services which simply rely on images or javascript code integrated with your page html code.

8:3) URL is not entered correctly, misspelled or ending username is missing: Look in your member account area. The url must start with "http://", no breaks, no white spaces, one line only. Remember, our software is calling for your site via your clickevolution userid. The url itself is your contribution and obeyed by the software.

8:4) A visitors Browser settings might affect stats negatively, like when disabling image download.

9. If you do not receive traffic?

The following reasons are common:
1) Not waiting long enough. The top frame must reload. Predetermined time is 15 seconds.

2) Account might have been inactivated by admin due to activity violating our terms.

3) Wrong surf-for-traffic-link url. Mispelled or missing. Keep your eyes open.

4) Local System Error: Your PC software does not connect to our server - you may also get the same page all the time. Maybe surfing files residing on your harddisk. Clear your harddisk from internet files. To check if properly connected - just add any other userid to your surflink to see what happens. You should get an error message generated by our software or surfing will start to work - then return to your own surflink. Same scenario may occur if connected via a proxyserver.

5) Browser is not cookies-enabled.

10. Why you never see your own page?

Itīs taken for granted that you do not want to see your own site because it will cost you traffic.

11. Stats
You will find stats in member area and in surfpage topframe.

12:1. Bonus traffic, free signup traffic.
Occasionally signup bonus traffic are given to new member when joining. Measurments taken to block users from signing up multiple times.

12:2. Bonus traffic, Hits to referral page.
Non. Instead a 1000 hits signup bonus.

13. Referrals
In member admin area you can see how many members you have recruited, their userid and referral hit earnings. Futher member details are kept confidential. There is only 1 level of referrals (direct referrals) from whom you can benefit.

14. How can I change my account?
You can change your email address, password and target urls. Userid is not changeable.

15. Adding Websites.
Login to your member admin area. Add URL in the textfield and hit the 'Add Url' button. When adding URL, status become 'non-verified', which means admin must verify your new site. This will normally take 1-2 hours.

Your allowed to add up to 50 websites, if you have only 1 url to show - only add this url 1 time. Adding the url several does not mean you get more hits. Below the 'Add URL' textfield in member area you will find more detailed information about how to add urls.

16 Test site.
When you add a new site to your 'Website' profile itīs tested and run for a few second in order to load. When timer has counted down to 0 you get a question: - "Does your website look fine, without violating our terms of service" - you either click the 'Confirm' button or not.

If you canīt see your website inside the testpage mainframe, something is wrong with your site and nothing is wrong with our testframe. DO NOT HIT The 'Confirm' button. Maybe you have misspelled url. However the url does not exist, leave the Testpage area and try to find out what is wrong with the website you were trying to submit. If you hit the 'Confirm' button you are submitting the failing page for admin approval. If admin canīt connect to the page it will be deleted, hence you will save time by submitting existing or perfectly working websites.

If you only see your own page, not your url inside the supposed test frame, itīs a frame breaker not allowed to rotate on clickevolution. Rotating framebreakers are serious violation of terms. If we find one rotating, your account will probably be cancelled.

Framebreakers are websites containing code designed to break the page out of any other frame it might occur within. Our surf page, contains of 2 frames, a top frame and a mainframe. The targeted website will show up in the mainframe. If the targeted website is a framebreaker it will take over the whole window screen, hence futher surfing becomes impossible. Framebreaking code is usually javascript code.

How to avoid framebreakers?
1) Wait for page to load completely inside the testpage mainframe. If it stays there for at least 30 seconds itīs OK.
2) Avoid URL forwarding (URL forwarding is not allowed). Almost every framebreaking page found is due to URL forwarding.

URL-Rotators: We do not allow any url-rotators in our surfing system. One reason is those pages have shown to contain abusive material to a much larger extent than other pages. It is also very difficult to trace a violator hidden inside a rotator. An URL-rotator is also an URL-forwarder.

Surflinks: We do not allow any surflinks as targeted website. A surflink will show a surfpage from a traffic exchange. Itīs the same problem as with url-rotators and url forwarders. A surflink in the surfpage system will show pages not necessarily in compliance with clickevolution terms and the submitter has no idea or control of what sort of pages he represents as the responsible submitter. An unknown page to the submitter may eventually be the reason of cancelling the account.

Members with more points left on their account get more hits.

17. Cheat protection.
We keep records on every single click. We know every single IP-number, ISP, Browser, Agent, Referrer, time etc.
There are other means of cheating prevention in use, not mentioned here.

17b. Automatic Suspension.
The system will automatically suspend an account if a user has too many surfing session failures or does not connect properly to pages outside our server, like user target pages.
Using autorefreshing multiple window browsers is really asking for trouble.

17c. Chinese users.
According to our terms, ip numbers starting with 61. or 218. are not allowed in the system due to tracking problems.

18. Reporting terms violation.
Admin does not see everything. While surfing you will sometimes see pages breaking the rules of making life harder for honest members. You can report such pages by clicking the [Report] link which will show the 10 latest sites you have visited. Click on report link fill in the form.

Important - Framebreakers: The framebreaking url is rarely registered as a page in our system, so reporting the framebreakingpage itself usually is of no help. In most cases you will need report the url that was redirecting/forwarding to the framebreaking pages. That is why we created the Report feature, so you could easily find the correct page by viewing a list over your recent pageviews.

19. Why it DOES NOT work
To use the clickevolution service your local settings and software must be appropriate. The surfpage must run in a browser window like IE, Firefox, NS Opera etc allowing remote pages to fully load and open.

Your local PC and connection must be compatible with our system. 95% of all systems are.
Your browser must accept cookies, execute javascript, accept images, frames and iframes.

Itīs important your activity is traceable, you are opening pages in the mainframe of the surfpage. Other members expect those hits to be found in their server logs. If your system does not accomplish this to a certain extent it will cease to work - you are automatically blocked from all parts of the clickevolution service.

20. Buying traffic
In order to buy traffic a user must be logged in and click the 'Buy Traffic' link.
For payment processing we use e-gold and SafePay. Traffic packages will be
added to your account automatically after completed payment processing (instant payment). If buying with
e-check the transaction is not considered instant and traffic will be added when e-check has cleared. This
usually takes 4-7 days, in some cases more or much more.

Remember, and this goes for any traffic exchange, you are not buying 'hits' recorded by your server or tracking software. You are buying 'hits' recorded by our traffic exchange script. Those are not
same since our system cannot have any influence over a server not located within our own system. Each time a user
call for your page, one 'hit' is added to your account. In order for your server to register this as a hit
the page must fully load in the surfframe and your server must be able to fully communicate with the users PC.
Thatīs not always the case, however the addition of a 'hit' takes place anyway.

21. Support
For support matters, use the 'Contact' link in left menu. If the answer to your question is to be found in terms-, help- or anywhere in member area we probably do not respond to your request.

22. Additional ideas, faqs and tips

Surfpage says my userid do not exist?
One common reason is keeping an old cookie on your computer after deleting an account.
Delete cookies and login to your new account.

Referral not found in my downline?
Referral deleted account.
Admin changed records.
Referral was identified as using your IP address or computer.

What to do to increase surfpage uptime!
If connection failes you could install a browser based auto refresher which automatically connects your browser window to our server. Like refreshing surfpage every 5 minutes or whatever you prefer.

Some pages are almost impossible to load successfully due to overcrowded composition etc and will make yor computer CPU go high. You donīt have to endure all that annoying ptp, layer ad, banner ad crap put together.

You could surf pages with browser security set to highest value. Then you would avoid scripts, malicious code and other attempts to screw up your computer.

The best thing is to install the 'Clickevolution Surfer Toolbar' (found in left menu). There are other ways of accomplishing the same thing by using an auto refresher combined with advanced settings in 'Tools' menu >> Internet Options (IE).
Remember: you visits must be found in target page server logs - or your account will be deleted.

Can I earn a percentage!
NO! Clickevolution, and associated website are legal websites with longterm ideals owned by a legal and registrered entity, Brastart LLC, Delaware. We do not play around with peoples money.
Such HYIP schemes are SCAMS by DEFAULT even if intentions are 'good'. Itīs also a very bad business for us to offer for instans our members $365 back on every $100 every year. Anyone should understand this is not possible. As payouts always come from referral inputs - itīs a PONZI concept which is illegal in most countries.
On several occasions we have been asked to assist people who want to setup such autosurf programmes using our traffic exchange software services. We refrused to have anything to do with it!

Brastart LLC

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